last update 22nd February 2021

picture gallery

USA April 2005

A visit at TELEFUNKEN North America and Astatic in Ohio. (copyright by Olaf Prinz and Gerd Gorke)

Bunter Vogel, Münster, blues jam, Mai 2005

A visit at Bunter Vogel in Münster. Blusjam every Tuesday! (copyright by Frank Brockmann)

Kai Strauss, Thomas Feldmann, Rainer Achterholt, Erkan Özdemir, Frank Brockmann, Tom Vieth, Gerd Gorke, Roland Bergmann, Olaf Prinz


1939, Wesel Germany, Fritz Prinz

1933, Wesel Germany, Fritz Prinz, PA hiring - PA Verleih

1999, 31st. October, Germany, Wesel ,Big Jay McNeely and me ( a gig with the Casters), singing into a Shure 55A from the 1940ies. It sure fits good!

2001, Germany, Olaf Prinz with RCA DX 77 (Jazz festival with the Casters)

2002, Germany, Olaf Prinz with RCA 77B, Gibson L 7 from 1952 and Gibson amp GA 30 from 1948 (Casters photo session)

2001, 8th. August, Germany, Speedos recording session: Neumann Km56: vocals, RCA 10001: guitar, Western Electric 639B: bass, Neumann/Telefunken U 47: room microphone (backing vocals, saxophone and percussion)

12/2005, try to organize your harp mics in a violin case! Great job Erik!!! (Erik Stigter, harp player, Holland)